Time for a New Roof? 3 Important Reasons You Should Go Green

18 July 2017
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If you're tired of looking at the same old roof every time you pull up to your home, it's time to take things to the next step and go green. If you've never heard of a green roof, it's a way to incorporate nature right onto your home. Green roofs allow you to add vegetation to your roof, which in turn provides you with a multitude of benefits. Some of which are, noise reduction, improved air quality, and better water absorption during storms. Read More 

Protecting Your Roof Against 3 Routine Threats

11 July 2017
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Roof damage can come from many different sources. However, it is common for homeowners to have a limited understanding about the numerous causes of roof damage that their roof will face. Learning more about the routine threats that will be faced by your roof can give you the insight and knowledge necessary to prevent common problems from causing serious damage to your home. Small Animals & Insects The weather can be one of the more common sources of damage to a roof. Read More 

Questions And Answers About Foam Roofing

2 July 2017
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Foam roofing has been around for quite some time, but it probably is not something you have heard of before. It is a unique alternative to building up a roof to prevent leaks, and a reasonable alternative to constantly repairing and overhauling your roof. If you are interested and want to know more about spray foam roofing, here are some possible questions you may have and the answers to those questions. Read More 

Three Reasons Why Mold On Your Home’s Shingled Roof Is More Than An Eyesore

26 June 2017
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If you have mold growing on your home's shingled roof, you may assume that the growth is just an eyesore that mars the beauty of your home. However, it can also be damaging to your roof. Below are three reasons why mold on your roof is more than an eyesore. Mold Breaks Down the Shingles' Material When you have mold growing on your roof for an extended period of time, the fungal growth can eventually make your shingles deteriorate. Read More 

Choosing A Residential Roofing Material

19 June 2017
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If it's time to replace your roof, or you're working on a new roofing project, you have a number of choices and things to consider when it comes to picking out roofing material. You'll need to consider the environment the property is in, how heavy the roofing material is, and the style and architecture of the property, just to name a few. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the choices, or are new to roofing and unsure of where to start, here is what you need to know about the three types of roofing material. Read More