Why You Should Have Your Skylight Replaced At The Same Time As Your Roof

5 August 2018
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If you need a new roof, then you may concentrate on picking the best shingles for your home. Color, style, longevity, and cost are probably your main concerns. However, there are quite a few other things you need to think about when it comes to roof replacements, like whether or not your skylight also needs to be replaced. It is wise to have the window replaced at the same time as the roof. Read More 

Cleaning Your Roof? Avoid Making These 3 Mistakes

20 July 2018
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Does your roof look like it has seen better days? It may be covered with moss and algae that needs to be removed, or just dirty from things like tree sap that have fallen on the shingles. If you are going to attempt to clean your roof, here are some mistakes you should avoid making. 1. Not Cleaning A Test Patch The first thing you should do before cleaning your roof is test out the cleaning solution on a small section of the roof that will not be easily seen. Read More 

Architectural And 3 Tab Siding

28 June 2018
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When you hear the term architectural siding, it might sound fancy or complicated. But, architectural tiles are nothing extraordinary, and they're probably something that you see almost every day if you ever look at roofs and siding in your neighborhood. Architectural asphalt tiles are a modern update on old-fashioned 3 tab asphalt tiles that have been used in siding and roofing for decades. While 3 tab tiles have been around for over 100 years, architectural tiles didn't become popular until the 1970s. Read More 

Benefits Of Going With Metal Roofs

25 May 2018
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If you are trying to decide on which type of roof you want to have put on your home, then you may want to think about going with a metal roof. Don't discredit these roofs simply because they aren't ones that you may see as much as the other types of roofs. They are valid options that should be given the consideration they deserve, as they are also often the best option. Read More 

3 Strategies For Roofing Repair And Maintenance

22 May 2018
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When you need to get the best from your roof, it's important that you reach out to professionals that can set you up with roof replacement, installation, and maintenance whenever possible. It's also important that you take some time to research the best roofing contractors in your area so that you have a helping hand any time that you are opting for these sorts of services. To this end, read below and consider the tips in this article so that you're able to keep your roof at its absolute best. Read More