3 Maintenance Tasks That Need To Be Done With Metal Roofing

6 December 2017
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Just like any type of roofing you have installed on your home, metal roofing needs regular maintenance and upkeep. To ensure that your roof lasts for many years, there are some things that you will want to do to take care of your metal roofing, such as inspecting and replacing rubber seals. Here are some tips for metal roofing maintenance that will ensure your metal roof lasts for many years: Read More 

The Five Biggest Concerns About Metal Roofing Addressed

2 December 2017
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When it comes to choosing a roofing material, many people steer clear of anything other than asphalt shingles, which are the most popular. However, another material that is increasing in popularity is metal roofing for some of the most basic reasons. Metal roofing is durable, fire resistance, and long lasting. There are many concerns surrounding metal roofing that make people stay away from it as an option though. Here are five of those biggest concerns addressed: Read More 

What Can Happen If Your Commercial Roof Drainage System Is Clogged?

21 November 2017
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Commercial roofs are typically flat, not sloped or pitched. This makes it harder or impossible for water to fall from the roof after it has rained. Because of this, many commercial roofs have a roof drainage system. There are a few drains on the roof that collect the water and then the water is carried through a pipe to a downspout, similar to the one that is connected to the gutters on a residential home. Read More 

Replacement Roofing Options For Ditching Those Asphalt Shingles

13 November 2017
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Is your home's asphalt roof looking worn down? If so, know that you do not have to replace a roof with the same roofing material that you have. Now is the opportunity to replace the asphalt shingles with something new and modern, which can help your home improve its energy efficiency by reducing heat gain. Here are three options for roofing material. Light Colored & Lightweight Rubber Shingles One of the secrets of a cool home is having the right color of roofing material. Read More 

3 Kinds Of Roof Damage To Be Aware Of

30 October 2017
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One crucial part of home ownership is taking care of the roof. If you have never owned a home before, it can seem so difficult that you choose to ignore a roof until a major problem occurs. However, leaving a problem to get worse can lead to a more expensive roof repair down the road. Here are three kinds of roof damage you should be aware of if you own a home. Read More